Fiesta Pickups Texas Tumbleweeds - T Style
Fiesta Pickups

Fiesta Pickups Texas Tumbleweeds - T Style

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Take your t-style sound from poquito to grande! Fiesta Pickups Texas Tumbleweeds serve up tonal character that usually costs more or takes longer (like a few decades longer...grab a Snickers). Get the vintage warmth and sparkle you’re after and still afford that taco instead of ramen for the fourth time this week.

We use AlNiCo 5 magnets, and pickups are overwound to provide some extra kick. Extra touches of quality are evident with bobbins made of fiber rather than plastic, wrapped windings, and a vinyl-jacketed lead output wire. Like we said, these things give you more nacho for your cheese.

DC Resistance
Neck: 7.53K Ohms
Bridge: 8.58K Ohms

Neck: 2.43 henrys
Bridge: 2.84 henrys
Lead type = 2 conductor