Fender Tele  Loaded Pickguard Lace Gold
 Fender Tele  Loaded Pickguard Lace Gold
 Fender Tele  Loaded Pickguard Lace Gold
 Fender Tele  Loaded Pickguard Lace Gold
920D Custom

920D Custom Loaded Pickguard Lace Sensor Pickups Blue Silver Red 7 Way BK/BK

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Product Information åÈ

920D Custom Loaded Pickguard Lace Sensor Pickups Blue Silver Red BK/BK

All of our items are custom built to order and may require a one to two business day assembly time.

* Black Pickguard
* Black Skirted Knobs
* Lace Sensor Blue Neck, Black
* Lace Sensor Silver Middle, Black
* Lace Sensor Red Bridge, Black
* Original CRL 5 Way Switch
* CTS 450G 250K Split Shaft Pots
* Bourns Push-PullåÊ250K Pot (Neck on)
* .022uF PIO Capacitor
* Gavitt Vintage Wiring

Lace Sensor Blue/Silver/Red

The Lace Sensor family has a unique radiant Field Barrier system that surrounds both the coil and magnets, reducing annoying 60-cycle hum. The patented Lace Micro Combs replace traditional bobbins, yielding a wider tonal range and better string balance than traditional pickups.

Unlike ordinary pickups, Lace Sensors generate 36 separate magnetic 'sensing' fields which, in the areas where they contact the string, 'read' the strings vibration. (Regular pickups only generate anywhere from 4 to 12 fields).

Lace Sensors also have Radiant Field Barriers: metal slides which frame the inner core of the Sensors and perform two function. The first is to shield the Sensor from the outside noise and 60 cycle hum. The second is to produce a broader, yet more concentrated umbrella of a sensing field than that of standard magnetic pickups.

Less Noise, More Harmonics

As compared to standard pickups, sensors read a greater physical area of the string, while picking up less outside interference. This makes the signal-to-noise ratio nothing short of phenomenal for a single coil system. Also, a wider range of harmonic content is read by the Sensor, delivering a more complex tonal response.

Increased Sustain, Truer Pitch

Since they operate so efficiently, Lace Sensors can utilize the much lower energy magnets than ordinary pickups, and this in turn bring about a whole new realm of properties. In regular pickups, the magnetic fields are so strong they physically dampen, or drag on, the strings'' vibration, reducing sustain and actually changing the pitch. But in Lace Sensor, string dampening is virtually nonexistent. This means your sustain is increased dramatically while the string holds its true pitch for the duration of the note.

Lace Sensor-Blue

Slightly increased output with the warmer 50's humbucking sound in a single coil configuration

* Resistance: 12.8k
* Peak Frequency: 2100
* Inductance: 6.58 henries
* Music Styles: Pop, Alternative, Rock, Blues
* Think: Jonny Greenwood, Pumpkins, Cream

Lace Sensor-Silver

A fat 70's single coil sound with increased output and more midrange.

* Resistance: 7.1k
* Peak Frequency: 3000
* Inductance: 3.38 henries
* Music Styles: Classic Rock, Blues, and Pop
* Think: Pumpkins, Breeders, James Burton

Lace Sensor-Red

The hottest output of our Sensor Series. Perfect for the bridge position when fat, punch humbucking output is required.

* Resistance: 14.5k
* Peak Frequency: 1850
* Inductance: 8.12 henries
* Music Styles: All Rock, Metal, Punk, and Pop
* Think: Jonny Greenwood, Pumpkins, Husker Du, Breeders, Drips