920D Custom Loaded Pickguard Lindy Fralin Stock Pickups MG
920D Custom Loaded Pickguard Lindy Fralin Stock Pickups MG
920D Custom Loaded Pickguard Lindy Fralin Stock Pickups MG
920D Custom

920D Custom Loaded Pickguard Lindy Fralin Stock Pickups MG

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Upgrade your guitar with Fralin's Stock T-Style pickup set and receive free of charge a new pickguard and a top quality pre-assembled control plate with the very best components.

*** Please note if you prefer a different pickguard color just let us know.åÊWhite, Black, Mint Green, Parchment, White Pearl, Black Pearl, Cream, Aged White Pearl.


* Lindy Fralin Stock T-Style Pickups
* Mint Green 3 Ply Laser Cut Pickguard
* 920D Custom 3-way Control Plate
* Complete Instructions for Easy Installation
* CTS and CRL Components

Lindy Fralin Stock T-Style Pickup Set

The T-Style guitar was the first true production electric solid body. The unmistakable twang and solid feel make this workhorse a classic guitar design.
Our T-Style replacement pickups are a reproduction of the 50s style using black fiberboard bobbin parts, cloth leads, ALNICO V or ALNICO III magnets, or 1/2 & 1/2. (ALNICO IIIs were used in some pre-55 T-Style guitars.)
On 1/2 & 1/2 pickups, we put the ALNICO III magnets in the E, A & G position and the ALNICO V magnets in the D, B & high E. This puts the brighter magnets where they are most useful.
NOTE: *All listed ohm readings are an approximate.

Wound to 7 K with 43 gauge Plain Enamel wire. Bright, clear and classic. Comes with chrome cover. Hybrid magnets (an extended D pole out the bottom) are available.
This pickup can also be overwound 2% overstock. We don't recommend anything hotter with a cover on it.
NOTE: Both the metal cover and over winding make the pickup darker in tone, so covers are available only on our stock neck for guitars.

T-Style Replacement Style Bridges are offered in three magnet staggers and a Steel Poled version. The three stagger styles are flat poles, flat with a raised D magnet (Hybrid), and stock stagger.
Fralin Steel Poled 42 Single Coil Pickup
Wound with 42 gauge Plain Enamel wire to approximately 6.6k (8,800 turns).
This pickup is also available slightly overwound @ 2% over (approx 6.8k) and 5% over (approx 7k).

920D Custom T-Style Loaded 3-way Control Plate


* Chrome Control Plate
* Chrome Flat Top Knobs
* CTS 250K pots
* CRL 3-way switch
* Switchcraft jack
* Vintage style cloth wire