920D Custom Loaded Pickguard TV Jones Classic Filter'Tron Neck Starwwod Bridge T4W-C White
920D Custom

920D Custom Loaded Pickguard TV Jones Classic Filter'Tron Neck Starwwod Bridge T4W-C White

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920D Custom loaded pickguard is a complete electronics pickup upgrade replacement solution for your T-Style tone needs. The kit includes a 920D Custom 3-ply pickguard, TV Jones Classic Neck Pickup, TV Jones T Style Pickup, and a 920D Custom 4 Way Control Plate in Chrome.


* TV Jones Classic Neck Pickup
* TV Jones T Style Bridge
* White Pickguard
* 920D Custom T4W-C Control Plate in Chrome
* CRL and CTS Components
* Complete Instructions for Easy Installation


The pickup that started it all - the TV Classic captures that vintage twang and growl characteristic of the late 1950’s Filter’Tron. Originally designed from an analyzed 1959 “Pat. Applied For” Filter’Tron, the TV Classic is our most popular and most versatile pickup. Popularized and played by many different artists ranging from John Mayer to Brian Setzer.


After years of requests we finally introduced the Starwood t style guitar in 2016 and it has stayed in our top 5 best sellers since. We strived to make the Starwood t style a musical pickup. With a large dynamic range and just the right amount of punchy growl when you dig in, these t style pickups will make you wonder why you ever settled for less.


Using T-Armond guts to add body and spank, these pickups scream classic t style but with a dynamic and transparent top end. Just the right amount of punchy spank - everything you want out of a t style guitar (and more!).

920D Custom T4W-C 4-Way Control Plate

920D Custom 4-Way Control Plates are far from stock. This pre-wired, drop-in piece is built to completely clean up your tone and let the full quality of your pickups shine through. Our control plate is the ultimate upgrade to polish and improve your tone.


  • 1 - Chrome Control Plate
  • 2 - Chrome Flat Top Knobs
  • 2 - 920D Custom 450G Series 250K Pots by CTS
  • 1 - Genuine 4 Way Oak Grigsby Switch
  • 1 - .022 Orange Drop Capacitor by Sprague Electric
  • 1 - Pure Tone Output Jack
  • 920D Custom Signature Wiring by Gavitt Wire

Switch Positions

  • Bridge
  • Bridge/Neck in Parallel
  • Neck
  • Bridge/Neck in Series