920D Custom Loaded Pickguard with Seymour Duncan SSL-5 SSL-1 & 7-Way Switching
920D Custom

920D Custom Loaded Pickguard with Seymour Duncan SSL-5 SSL-1 & 7-Way Switching

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This Parchment 3-ply pickguard has been wired by hand at 920D Custom with top of the line components and Seymour Duncan SSL-1 & SSL-5 pickups. The 7-Way Wiring Harness brings the versatility and control used in psychedelic blues rock for decades. The mini toggle adds two extra switch positions on top of the classic 5 positions - Bridge/Neck and Bridge/Middle/Neck. Unlock the tone that greatly influenced the sound of rock with our 7-Way wiring harness combined with Seymour Duncan SSL pickups by 920D Custom.


  • Black 11-hole 1-ply pickguard.
  • White pickup covers, knobs, and switch button.
  • 3 250K Split Shaft CTS pots
  • Orange Drop Capacitor, .022uF
  • CRL USA Spec 5-Way Pickup Selector
  • Vintage style Gavitt push-back cloth covered wire
  • Seymour Duncan SSL-5 bridge pickup
  • Seymour Duncan SSL-1 RWRP middle pickup
  • Seymour Duncan SSL-1 neck pickup
  • Mini Toggle "Neck On" Switch

The mini toggle switch adds the neck pickup to the output signal no matter where the 5-way switch is set. We call this our 7-way feature. This feature allows you to have the bridge and neck pickup selected at the same time for a T-style middle position sound. You can also combine all three pickups.

This pickguard is all hand wired and tested for correct functionality at 920D Custom. 


SSL-5 Bridge

Though it looks like the SSL-1 and has that distinct vintage tone, the SSL-5's over-wound coil yields higher output, more sustain and great harmonics. The result is a pickup that rocks hard and cuts through the mix, but cleans up nicely when you back off the volume. Includes white cover.


SSL-1 Neck and Middle

Our SSL-1 Vintage Staggered is built around hand ground AlNiCo 5 magnets and heavy Formvar magnet wire with a special wind pattern to produce that bright, glassy, bell tone with all of the bounce and sparkle you'd expect from the best 50's bolt-on neck three pickup guitars. The treble attack is crisp and immediate, while the low end remains articulate and focused. Chords ring out with clear note to note separation. Use a full set for a truly vintage vibe, or use in the neck & middle with a Custom Staggered in the bridge for a more rocking setup. Since 1978, we've been building all of our vintage style single coil pickups just as it was done in the golden age of the 50's. We start with the right color and thickness of Forbon flatwork, with the traditional keyed bottom plate. Then we hand file the flatwork, assemble with hand ground magnets, and lacquer the bobbin. After winding, each pickup is wax potted to reduce unwanted squeal, and comes with waxed and tinned cloth pushback hook-up wires and traditional keyed bottom plate.

The SSL-1 middle pickup comes RWRP for hum cancelling in positions 2 and 4.