920D Custom Seymour Duncan Mason Loaded Pickguard w/ TMAS-C Control Plate, Flag Graphic
920D Custom

920D Custom Seymour Duncan Mason Loaded Pickguard w/ TMAS-C Control Plate, Flag Graphic

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The 920D Custom Loaded T Style System is a complete electronics pickup upgrade replacement solution for your tone needs. Turn your tone from a zero to a Super Hero in no time.

*Please Note: This setup is designed for the Nashville style guitars; however, it will work with most guitars but it requires routing a middle pickup cavity.


* Seymour Duncan Pickups SM-1n/STK-S2n/STK-T3b
* Custom American Flag Pickguard
* 920D Custom Mason Style Control Plate Chrome
* Instructions for Easy Installation
* CRL and CTS Components

Seymour Duncan SM-1n Mini Humbucker Neck Pickup

The sound is somewhat of a tonal cross between a single-coil and a humbucker. They're brighter and livelier than a full-size humbucker with more "bell tone." The Alnico 5 magnet and moderate output coil windings make it an authentic tonal reproduction of the great sound of a classic Firebird . Comes with vintage-style single-conductor hookup cable.

Seymour Duncan STK-S2N Hot Stack Pickup

The powerful ceramic bar magnet surrounded by two Stack coils sends more current into your amp, so you get long sustain and super string sensitivity. Great for stage and studio. Comes with four-conductor hookup cable.

Seymour Duncan STK-T3b Vintage Lead Stack Pickup

Designed with the needs of professional pickers in mind, this pickup imparts all of the classic twang of a vintage pickup with one very important distinction: no 60 cycle hum and virtually no noise. The pickup utilizes Seymour Duncan's unique, hum canceling, Stack technology for unsurpassed quietness. The 6 pole piece construction gives the pickup a bright, punchy sound, while retaining a vintage look.

Brent Mason Style 3-Way Control Plate

Loaded 3-Way Control Plate designed for Nashville style guitars. This kit comes pre-assembled by 920D Custom.

Kit Includes:

* 1 - Chrome Control Plate
* 3 - Chrome Flat Knobs
* 2 - 500K Pots
* 1 - 500K Push Pull Pot
* 1 - .022 µF Capacitor
* 1 - Pure Tone PTT1 Output Jack
* 1 - Original CRL USA Made 3-Way Control Selector
* 1 - Gavitt vintage style cloth wire (Orange/White)
*1 -  Middle pickup series parallel

This control plate design is popular on Brent Mason style guitars and includes a master volume control for the neck and bridge pickups, a volume bleed control for the middle pickup wired in series parallel with a 500k push-pull pot, and a master tone control for all three pickups.