920D Loaded S Style Pickguard DiMarzio High Power Aged White Pearl/White
920D Custom

920D Loaded S Style Pickguard DiMarzio High Power Aged White Pearl/White

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920D Loaded S Style Pickguard DiMarzio High Power Aged White Pearl/White

All of our items are custom built to order and may require a one to two business day assembly time.

Drop this pre-wired pickguard into a guitar with an 11-hole standard pickguard for a heavyweight sound that covers a lot of musical territory. The pickguard features a Pro Track neck / Fast Track 1 middle / Fast Track 2 bridge pickup configuration. The Pro Track is warm and friendly, with a classic neck humbucker sound. The Fast Track 1 is bright and clean, with enough power to keep up with the neck and bridge positions . The Fast Track 2 is our heaviest-sounding s style-size humbucker, with a huge mid-range and bass punch. Need we say more?


* DiMarzio DP182 Bridge Fast Track 2
* DiMarzio DP181 Middle Fast Track 1
* DiMarzio DP188 Neck Pro Track
* Bournes and CTS 250K Potentiometers
* CRL 5-way Switch
* Gavitt Cloth Covered Wire
* Hand Wired by the 920D Custom Shop


It 's not any bigger than a single-coil pickup, but the sound of the Fast Track 2 puts it right in the wide open, everything-on-11 school. It 's got three times the output of an average single-coil, with a huge mid-range and bass punch and a strong resemblance to the Super 3 . This is our hottest single-coil sized bridge pickup particularly useful when you need a tightly focused jolt of power to crank your amplifier into rich overdrive. Combining it with a Pro Track ,åÊAir Norton S , BC-1åÊor The ChopperåÊin the neck position and The CruiseråÊor Fast Track 1åÊin the middle makes a guitar with an outstanding, heavy sound.


The Fast Track 1 is hotter and more muscular than The Cruiser , but it 's still very bright and clean sounding not at all like a full-size humbucker. The dual-blade continuous magnetic field creates an even string balance with very little magnet-pull, eliminating the out-of-tuneness common to rod-magnet designs. The Fast Track 1 pickup 's power (double the output of a standard single-coil) makes it highly recommended in combination with medium - to - hot full-size humbuckers. You can also put a whole set of Fast Track 1 pickups in an s style guitar, or create custom sets with any of our other dual-blade models.


It 's warm, it 's friendly, it sounds like a vintage PAF and will drop right into your s style. The Pro Track has enough power for any pickup position, and the twin black blades mean there won 't be any problems with string-alignment or dropouts. In the bridge position, this is a great blues pickup: combine it with a Fast Track 1 or Chopper (neck)and The Cruiser (middle) for a solid mix. Match a Pro TrackåÊin the neck with a Fast Track 2 or any full-size humbucker in the bridge position for a heavy yet versatile rock sound.